Investing in EFFECTIVE signage pays multiple dividends

By Typestries, March 2, 2007

StFrancis.jpg, originally uploaded by typestries.

All too often signs are thought of as more of a necessity than a marketing tool. And often, business owners consider that the best way to approach a sign project is to purchase and install the lowest cost sign possible—just to get the job done. Small business owners that are successful, however, often approach their signage differently. Like any other business promotion, signage will return the investment you make in it. Quite literally, buy a cheap sign, expect cheap results. The next time you drive by a “super plaza” with all of the major chains, notice the big, elaborate, and often hard fought for signs. Do they erect these simply because that have big budgets to spend? No, they do so because they have no choice but to perform well and be successful in their location. They’ve invested heavily in location scouting, build out, employees and stock. They need too move that stock. Much the same way your small business needs to keep things moving. Take a look at your signage and mobile advertising vehicle graphics, the message it conveys about your business, and the return it brings.

Here are a couple of shots of recently completed jobs that are working over time and providing added return on their investment.