That’s A Lot Of Paint

By Typestries, January 3, 2006

When you paint lots of dimensional and carved signs for 10 years, you wind up with lots and lots of paint! At one point we had twice as many cans as you see here, scattered all about the shop. I was determined to make it easier to find the colors we needed, and the tall vertical shelves were just the ticket. Thanks to Anthony for pausing for just a second so I could snap the pic!

We typically paint our signs with premium Benjamin Moore and or One Shot Sign Paints. Those familiar with old school sign painting probably recognize the One Shot Name. Sign painters used it for years, and a few years into my journey in this business I noticed that my results with it had changed a bit. Environmental regulations have limited the amount of “good stuff” paint manufacturers can put into their paints, which means paint users need to find new ways to use the products. That’s how we found the Benjamin Moore product. While we still have a few regular clients that request only One Shot, we often use a combination of Benjamin Moore and One Shot, because we feel the combination gives us the best look and durability in our harsh coastal climate.

Tomorrow it’s off to install the corporate display graphics. If I can get the client to agree to a pic, I’ll share it here!Paintwall