Truck Wrap Photo Shoot

By Typestries, January 12, 2006

Some of our readers may be aware that I am a photography buff. I have always loved pictures. My first real camera was a nikon 4004. Quite a machine for a high school kid, way back when! I always hoped that digital SLR’s would become smaller, more efficient and most importantly more affordable. I recently acquired an Olympus Evolt with the dual lens kit. I’ve been snapping away at hi res for some time now and my I Photo libraries are overflowing!


This project came along at just the right time. Our client wanted to incorporate some action shots into his vehicle advertising. Using the Evolt I shot a series of scoops, crushes and loads at this house demolition. Using our rendering techniques, were able to demonstrate how the finished graphics will look on the vehicle. This is an excellent way to get a true preview of what your vehicle will look like even before it’s completed–and a great way for us to show our clients just how powerful a medium vehicle advertising can be for their business.


If you have an off the wall idea, let me know , I’m sure we can come up with a creative solution to your needs!