Custom sports car decals for school and recreational kids sports teams

By Typestries, October 4, 2006

We recently had a request for a run of 100 custom numbered football helmet car decals. Yes, that’s 100 different decals for the cars of the team players families. We’re able to complete projects like this quickly and affordably due to our vast array of printing and cutting technology. It’s amazing how quickly technology has progressed in our industry, to the point that just a few short years ago jobs such as these would have been difficult and cost prohibitive if produced in any more than just one color. Sure, you could get 100 screen printed decals with all the same art, but 100 individual pieces, of excellent image quality, has been traditionally tough to produce at a cost that’s attractive to many teams. We’re ready and able to produce your custom, short run, full color die cut decals. Give us a call!