Preparing production files for large mesh banners for Southern Regional Rams Marching Band

By Typestries, October 11, 2006

Here’s what I pretty much look at all day long (not just this particular job, of course). I’m grateful for my large Apple Cinema display. With such a huge screen I can keep all of my pallets organized and hop around between the design applications that we rely on everyday. Here I’m working on re-creating a historic look and feel of a Cuban propaganda poster for Fidel Castro. Why on earth would I be doing this? It’s going to become a large digitally printed set piece. This job calls for three 12 foot square mesh banners. Each one has a historic recreation of communist propaganda poster that fits the theme of the music the band has arranged for this season of competition. Last year, local legend Chuck Wilson devised a steel frame structure that could be easily assembled on the performance field. These banners have pole pockets on the edges and actually wrap around the frame and are tensioned tight to make a completely weatherproof, wind resistant set piece. These outdoor sets are rolled onto the field by band parent volunteers for the perfromance. The concept worked so well last year that we’re back at it again this year. If you’ve got a challenging display project that requires a unique solution, drop me a line or give a call—perhaps we can engineer a solution to fit your needs and your budget.