Creating a indoor dimensional sign for Monmouth University’s Student Newspaper, the Outlook

By Typestries, October 12, 2006

It’s befitting that a newspaper that’s been published since 1933 would have a sign that’s elegant and effective yet created with many pieces of 2006 technology. This sign was a lot of fun to make and an excellent example of how we combine all of the high tech tools in the shop at Typestries. We started this sign with a sheet of 3/4" Gatorfoam. It’s a resin and paper coated sheet of foam, and offers excellent properties for interior use. It cuts on the CNC router beautifully, which allowed us to add the dimension of raised letters to the main byline on the sign. It accepts paint well, yielding an excellent finish on the raised letters. And, it’s a great surface to receive high resolution digitally printed vinyl graphics. Since this piece would be seen up close, we cranked up the resolution of our new printer. The newspaper staff could not believe how clear the picture was on the sign. For the installation, we took advantage of another high tech product, which yielded in a fastener free installation for a clean look. Since we used the Gatorfoam, the sign was relatively light—so we were able to attach the sign to the wall with 3M VHB tape. With the gripping power of the VHB tape, this sign’s never coming down.

You can check out the outlook, here. I’m guessing they’ll be reporting on their new sign, too!