Base Camp Wall Letter Sign

Interior signs, dimensional logos and letters, Magic Mountain Vermont

September 4, 2022

Magic Mountain Ski Area interior signs and dimensional letters and logos at @blacklinetavern at @skimagicvt with a 3 dimensional distressed finish compliment the lodge and inform guests.

Dentist Office Sign with two posts and monument base

Remodeling a dimensional sign for a dentist office

July 28, 2022

Sometimes we are required to work within the envelope of an existing sign structure. Many times this relates to pre-existing non conforming signs in areas where the sign codes have changed since the signs was first installed. In these situations a sign remodeling is a great way to maintain the size and position of the […]

Custom address numbers add pop and grab attention 

October 17, 2017

Dimensional address numbers with added reflective faces for night time visibility. As always, our job is to get you noticed and found! #typestries #branding #signs #cncrouting #3mreflective 

Mixed media natural cedar and led illuminated sign for Ann Coen Photography

July 13, 2016

Ann Coen Photography in Surf City wanted two very striking, unique signs for the front of their new studio building on Long Beach Boulevard. Ann approached Typestries with the concept of wood carved natural cedar with a  clear finish, and, illumination for nighttime visibility. Typically carved wooden signs do not incorporate LED lighting. Typestries engineered […]

Restaurant signs in Ocean County on Long Beach Island

July 6, 2016

Hungry visitors and locals alike head to ocean county restaurants like The greenhouse Café in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island. Signs by Typestries get this restaurant noticed. Here we utilized digital printing, dimensional 3-D elements,and neon illumination to grab patrons attention.

Beautiful new dimensional signs for The Local Market and Kitchen in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island

July 1, 2016

  Typestries had the pleasure of crafting these beautiful signs that perfectly accent the ambience of what has quickly become the centerpiece of the ship bottom food community. The Local Market and Kitchen, “The local” as it has become known sports everything from amazing coffee to baked goods to prepared foods sandwiches salads and even […]

Installing Gold Leaf Letters on a really cold windy day 300 feet from Barneagat Bay

December 6, 2006

Here’s a Job Anthony and I went out to install yesterday at the Museum of New Jersey Maritime History in Beach Haven. It required roof access on the elevation facing the bay with our typical winter west winds. Yesterday wasn’t as bad as monday when we went to do the job–that day it was so […]

Holiday Gift house signs-how they’re made…

November 16, 2006

We would be delighted to create a truly unique and one of a kind holiday gift for you, your friends and family. Here we share a few of the steps and techniques used to create these wonderful signs. We begin the process of creating the signs right here on our computerized router. In this photo, […]

Creating a indoor dimensional sign for Monmouth University’s Student Newspaper, the Outlook

October 12, 2006

It’s befitting that a newspaper that’s been published since 1933 would have a sign that’s elegant and effective yet created with many pieces of 2006 technology. This sign was a lot of fun to make and an excellent example of how we combine all of the high tech tools in the shop at Typestries. We […]

Recognize community achievement and donors at public parks and playgrounds

August 22, 2006

Here’s a unique application of our sin carving capabilities. Almost seven years ago we were challenged by Stafford Township’s Planet Playground committee to produce donor recognition fence pickets for a new community built playground concept that was in the planning stages. We really liked the idea of the community built playground concept which was popularized […]

Clean carved sign with dimensional logo add on

July 14, 2006

When the church originally came in they requested a simple carved sign. Once we started fabricating this we decided it needed a bit of a Typestries touch. We fabricated the prismatic, raised logo elements with our Gerber Sabre CNC router, finished and applied the pieces, and were instantly impressed with the final appearance. Clean and […]

Radio Station Studio Dimensional logo signs and photo backdrops

April 11, 2006

Radio stations love to have guests in studio. And, even more they love to toot their own horns with photos of guests in studio. Our custom dimensional logos and photo backdrops lend a level of professionalism to any studio environment and the photographs of guests in studio. At WMCX, Monmouth University’s student radio, students are […]

Info Age Camp Evans Carved Sign and sights

April 3, 2006

One of the neatest things about our area is all of the great surprises we run into on our installs. When I first heard about the Marconi Road Camp Evans project, my first thought was how neat! info-Age is a science and technology center at the Camp Evans property in Wall, NJ. has all […]

Dimensional Gold Leaf Signs Beach Haven Long Beach Island

March 23, 2006

There’s nothing like the beauty of a gold leaf sign on a blue sky sunny day. I had to run to Beach Haven today and grabbed this shot of this beautiful sign that we completed last summer for Bay Village in Beach Haven on 9th Street. The letters are prismatic and raised off of the […]

Cape May County Park Zoo Savannah Dimensional Digital Sign

February 21, 2006

Here’s a sign that we had a really fun time making, but we just don’t see that often! It’s a combination of high resolution digitally printed graphics and dimensional layers, and is really stunning out at the site. We printed the graphics with our high quality flatbed uv-curing printer, cut the shapes on our Gerber […]

Dimensional signs don’t have to be wood grain!

January 23, 2006

Clients often ask, If you make a three dimensional sign for me, does it have to incorporate the “wood grain” look? The answer is definitely no! With our use of HDU, the dimensional possibilities are endless. Here’s a excellent example of the use of dimension to enhance the appearance and the impact of a sign. […]

Long Beach Island Health Department carved 22K gold leaf dimensional sign ready to install.

January 20, 2006

Custom dimensional signs have been a specialty of ours since the beginning. In fact, the very first sign we made was a sandblasted cedar sign for a deli in the Holgate section of the Island, 10 years ago! We don’t use too much cedar anymore, primarily because there are better, more durable products that are […]