Mixed media natural cedar and led illuminated sign for Ann Coen Photography

By Typestries, July 13, 2016

Ann Coen Photo natural cedar and LED sign in Surf City NJ

Ann Coen Photography in Surf City wanted two very striking, unique signs for the front of their new studio building on Long Beach Boulevard. Ann approached Typestries with the concept of wood carved natural cedar with a  clear finish, and, illumination for nighttime visibility. Typically carved wooden signs do not incorporate LED lighting. Typestries engineered and built a solution that allows LED lighting as a halo glow, and shows through the face of the letters, while maintaining the natural beauty of the raw grain of the clear cedar planks. This creates maximum day and night impact and marketing exposure. Special thanks to the folks over at Medford Cedar Products for supplying us with some amazing clear, vertical grain cedar to make this project really shine.