Ram promaster wrap branding The Local Market Ship Bottom and Manahawkin

April 16, 2019

The Local Market with locations in Ship Bottom and Manahawkin is sporting a new Ram Promaster city edition vehicle advertising and branding wrap graphic that not only works for deliveries but makes for an awesomely powerful and effective marketing vehicle!

Clean, legible minimalistic design makes for great readability

January 24, 2017

No mistaking the message here, this nice clean design gets the job done!  Minimalistic design works well when custom topography and colors are integrated and balanced to deliver a clear and concise message. This dodge ram pro master vinyl lettering project turned out great. It features high-performance vinyl from Avery and a custom printed color […]

Custom branded shopping bags are really just small signs!

July 27, 2016

We often think of signs as large objects in front of a business. But what if you rethought the concept that a sign is actually every single instance of your brand that gives your business exposure. Our custom printed shopping bags do just that—acting like tiny little signs roaming the neighborhood around your business on […]

Great art makes all of the difference in the finished product

July 25, 2016

Check out these beautiful display boards for the office of Michael Pagnotta Architect. Starting with some really amazingly clear, professionally shot, high resolution photos we created a series of these display panels to showcase the amazing work Michael Pagnotta Architect puts out. No matter whether you have a product or service, Typestries has a visual marketing […]

Sticker marketing-grow your brand everywhere!

July 7, 2016

Typestries recently competed the branding and logo design for Shore Brake Cyclery. We also built their signs, and today we finished up these beautiful full color die cut stickers. Shore Brake Cyclery now has total brand continuity across all of their marketing mediums, and these custom decals are no exception. Look for these affordable, effective […]

Food Truck Wraps in New Jersey Turn Heads and Increase Sales

July 2, 2016

Today’s hottest food trend besides fast casual? Food trucks! Typestries Sign & Digital can turn your food truck into a selling machine. Hungry folks want to eat great food, and our creative food truck wrap graphics will make your brand and your product shine. Great design, beautiful prints, quality 3M media, certified installers, and a […]

Beautiful new dimensional signs for The Local Market and Kitchen in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island

July 1, 2016

  Typestries had the pleasure of crafting these beautiful signs that perfectly accent the ambience of what has quickly become the centerpiece of the ship bottom food community. The Local Market and Kitchen, “The local” as it has become known sports everything from amazing coffee to baked goods to prepared foods sandwiches salads and even […]

Partial vehicle wraps as effective, affordable advertising tools.

June 18, 2016

Kitchen and Bath with TLC van wrap in Surf City New Jersey. TLC Kitchen came looking for a vehicle wrap on Long Beach Island. We met at our shop to discuss the van wrap in Manahawkin, then composited their photos and logos. We printed the graphics on our large format printer in Manahawkin, and completed […]

Ocean County NJ pickup truck wraps

Vinyl Car wraps and vehicle wraps graphics make a big splash in your New Jersey business marketing plan

January 13, 2016

Looking for a great way to make a big splash with your business vehicle wrap marketing in New Jersey? Typestries offers Ocean County vinyl car wraps with superior longevity, 3M controltac media, 3M MCS warranty, certified vehicle wrap installers, and our additional in-house warranty. Vehicle wrap graphics will not only protect your vehicle finish, the […]

Nissan NV van wrap for electrician fleet.

October 10, 2013

We had the pleasure of working with Lou’s Electric of Manahawkin, NJ on a series of wraps for their new Nissan NV fleet. These are not only excellent vehicles from a utility standpoint, but they also make excellent mobile billboards with the addition of a vehicle wrap. Put your work truck fleet to work for […]

Digital print and cut people standups on gatorfoam

February 5, 2007

Digital print and cut people standups.jpg, originally uploaded by typestries. I was away from the blog all last week. Let’s just say it was interesting. So today I’m back to it. Late friday we accomplished a rush job for a wholesale client. In addition to our retail work, we produce digital printing and CNC routed […]

We’re in the paper! stafford Township Graffiti removal trailer

January 28, 2007

graffiti, originally uploaded by typestries. It’s truly rewarding to see our work “working” for our clients. Signs are a form of advertising that can work for your business or organization in many ways. Here, the lettering in the photo is the actual lettering Eric, our designer, custom created for the trailer. We sent the file […]

Mixing digitally printed vinyl graphics with dimensional signs

January 10, 2007

Tropical Island Cafe Digital Dimensional Sign.jpg, originally uploaded by typestries. Here’s a sign comprising one of our successful signmaking techniques: the marriage of digitally printed signs with dimensional signs. All to often in the digital world, designers think in “flat” and add “fake” dimension in the form of soft Photoshop shadows. That’s a great way […]

Auto Shopper Box Truck Partial Wrap

January 4, 2007

Auto Shopper Box Truck Wrap.jpg, originally uploaded by typestries. You’ll likely be seeing this mobile vehicle advertising design around New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania on more than just these straight trucks. So far, we’ve adapted the logo file that the Auto Shopper’s design department sent us to fit Ford Econoline and GMC van wraps […]

Signs work overtime for Typestries Sign & Design Clients in Newspaper and Community Project Marketing

January 3, 2007

VanDyk Group.jpg, originally uploaded by typestries. We’re in the paper again—we’ll, our signs are. That’s good for us, because it means our signs are working overtime as marketing tools for our clients. A sign is not just an object that sits in front of your business, it’s part of your overall marketing program. Signs work […]

Installing Christmas Lights The Signmakers Way

December 5, 2006

I think all signmakers install Christmas lights this way. Big boys get to “play” with their toys and the little boys get to see what Daddy gets to do all day. Now of course, all I hear is “Daddy, can we go to Typestries in Manahawkin and get the white bucket truck?” For the record […]

Custom wall and door murals add flair and effectiveness to your lobby, office, home or workspace

November 12, 2006

We have the ability to create custom all murals, and over the years we have produced some really interesting projects. From mall wall store barricades to reception areas to bedroom walls, we can create a custom wall mural that suits your marketing or decor needs. Here’s a mural we (finally) did for ourselves! It’s door […]

Happy Halloween from Typestries Sign & Design

October 31, 2006

Here’s hoping our family, friends and clients have a great Halloween! Yes, when you’ve got dogs they get in on the act, too! Keys and Molson show off their stuff this morning in our Manahawkin shop display area. Logan with his girls Keys…aka the boss Molson…aka the pup Ant the hardest shot of all….to get […]

Station 47 Stafford Twp. Volunteer Fire Company Housing Parade Photos

October 2, 2006

Logan and I enjoyed the parade here in Manahawkin on Bay Avenue. Here are a few more shots of the signs we donated for the event and some emergency vehicles that we have lettered or fabricated lettering for. We completely striped and lettered this vehicle with 3M reflective and Sign Gold stripes and lettering We […]

Proudly supporting our community

September 30, 2006

Here’s a shot of one of a bunch of signs we donated to the stafford twp volunteer fire co station 47 for their triple housing today. Logan and I enjoyed the parade past the office at noon….loads and loads of emergency vehicles passed in front of the shop…many proudly sporting lettering and striping by typestries […]

Identify the location of this sign and win

September 2, 2006

It’s amazing what you can do to increase the impact of *any* sign. Subtle treatments can make any sign more effective in its environment. The first person to correctly identify this sign wins a $50.00 sign gift certificate for any of our products. Email your guesses to me at rick@typestries.com

Living on LBI and actually going to the beach

August 19, 2006

One of the greatest joys of living on long beach island is actually going to the beach.So many of us live and work literally yards from the beach and never set foot in the sand during the season. We’re greatful to live here and have a business here with so many wonderful clients.

Laser Engraved glass vases for event sponsor recognition

August 3, 2006

Here’s a shot of one of a batch of glass vases that Connie Becraft brought in to be laser engraved. The vases will be filled with beautiful flowers by the Long Beach Island Floral in Beach Haven in preparation for the St. Francis Night at the Races fund-raiser this Sunday at the Bonnet Island Estate. […]

Hmmm…Which one will it be?

July 21, 2006

Stop back at the blog and see!

Daylillies in Full Bloom!

June 22, 2006

All of the perennials that we dug up and saved are looking great! Shot with Olympus E-300 Evolt early am.

Laser engraved plaques for GABT fishing tournament awards

June 2, 2006

As we begin to produce more engraved products I hope to blog a bit more about this service that we offer. Our laser engraver is an excellent tool for small signs, trophies, plaques and awards. Our resident engraver has over 10 years of experience in the field! We’ve engraved some unique materials, too—corian, stone, granite […]

We’ll miss you Tucker…….

May 19, 2006

It’s the toughest thing any animal lover has to face….. We lost a member not only of our home family but our shop family today. Tucker, as many of you know, had an unknown type of cancer. Even when she could no longer bark she still had her spirit, playfulness and willingness to live. She’d […]

Ship Bottom Long Beach Island Spring Sunset

April 24, 2006

All too often we’re so busy making signs, banners and lettering trucks for businesses in Manahawkin, Ship Bottom, Beach Haven and all of Southern Ocean County that we forget to stop and break to enjoy the great area in which we live. I captured this sunset about two weeks ago at the Ship Bottom bay […]