Custom wall and door murals add flair and effectiveness to your lobby, office, home or workspace

By Typestries, November 12, 2006

We have the ability to create custom all murals, and over the years we have produced some really interesting projects. From mall wall store barricades to reception areas to bedroom walls, we can create a custom wall mural that suits your marketing or decor needs. Here’s a mural we (finally) did for ourselves! It’s door closed (cold) season—I wanted to brighten up the shop and inspire the gang even on the coldest of winter days. Here’s a before and after shot. If you’re considering a custom wall or door graphic, we can create one from scratch or use your supplied photo or graphics—with myriad material options from suede to pebble to basic satin or gloss material—all with washability and durability levels to fit your needs.