Ocean County NJ pickup truck wraps

Vinyl Car wraps and vehicle wraps graphics make a big splash in your New Jersey business marketing plan

By Typestries, January 13, 2016

Looking for a great way to make a big splash with your business vehicle wrap marketing in New Jersey?

Typestries offers Ocean County vinyl car wraps with superior longevity, 3M controltac media, 3M MCS warranty, certified vehicle wrap installers, and our additional in-house warranty. Vehicle wrap graphics will not only protect your vehicle finish, the car graphics will make your NJ vehicle turn heads and attract new customers.

Vehicle Wrap Cost:

Car wrap, truck wrap and van wrap pricing can vary widely from shop to shop and market to market. There will always be that “low cost” wrap shop. Could be they are using cheap media not designed for vehicle use (causing problems down the road). Could be they just don’t know their true business operating costs. Generally speaking, vehicle wraps start in the $1000 neighborhood and increase from there depending on vehicle size, coverage and complexity.

Vehicle Wrap Pricing:

So what does a vehicle wrap cost in New Jersey? This largely depends on the type of vehicle, amount of coverage, and complexity of the design and install. A business vehicle wrap used for marketing purposes generally is priced in the $1000-$3500 range. A full coverage color change wrap done properly will be in the $3000 range and above. Discuss with your vehicle wrap provider your expectations and desired outcome to develop the proper vehicle wrap advertising budget and fleet marketing plan at the onset. This will allow the vehicle wrap shop to make informed suggestions from their experience on ways to maximize your vehicle wrap dollar. At Typestries, we can address all of these issues during our initial vinyl vehicle wrap graphics consultation. We can meet at our shop in Manahawkin, NJ or we can come to your location in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or New York.

How to take a wrap off a car:

When it’s time to take a wrap off of a car, quality 3M media and controltac adhesive will allow clean, damage free removal. Wrap media consists of the film and the adhesive. A quality media will hold its adhesive, even in removal—which means the vinyl graphics will come off the vehicle cleanly with no adhesive residue. No adhesive residue means that there will be little to no clean up of the truck, van or car surface once the vinyl wrap film is removed.

Avoid Cheap Car Wraps

Cheap wraps are all over New Jersey and present a lot of issues nationwide to the vehicle wrap industry. But the two biggest issues are early failure of the graphics and lifting, and issues for removal. Cheap wrap films or the use of films not designed for wrapping will crack and peel on the vehicle, and the adhesive is not designed to work with a vehicle finish nor to be easily removed. So, your nightmare of a cheap wrap doesn’t even end at removal-you typically have to remove lots of adhesive and film residue by hand. Avoid cheap wraps by ensuring your vehicle wrap shop is using a quality vinyl wrap media from 3M, Orafol, or Arlon, Avery or Hexis. At Typestries our preferred vehicle wrap vinyls are 3M, Arlon, Orafol and Avery.

Ocean County NJ pickup truck wraps

Full body wrap on dodge ram pickup for roofing and siding tradesman in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, NJ.