Recognize community achievement and donors at public parks and playgrounds

By Typestries, August 22, 2006

Here’s a unique application of our sin carving capabilities. Almost seven years ago we were challenged by Stafford Township’s Planet Playground committee to produce donor recognition fence pickets for a new community built playground concept that was in the planning stages. We really liked the idea of the community built playground concept which was popularized by two architectural firms, leathers and learning structures. The architect wanted the committee to invest in a special jig for a hand router to make the pickets. We knew that completing over 1000 of these by hand would be an insurmountable and dangerous task for volunteers. We devised a system to manufacture the pickets on our Gerber Sabre router. Since then we have perfected our system and have made sponsor recognition pickets for many other community built playground projects. Here’s a few shots of our process, working on pickets for the Barnegat Playground project. Admittedly this is a dirty nasty bit of sign making that does not generate any real revenue for us, but that’s counteracted by the fact that we’re doing a tremendous service to the communities in which we live, work and play.

Carving the pickets on the router.

Painting the carved copy.

Watching paint dry……