Sampson Gortner’s Veltri Realtors Honda Element

By Typestries, August 24, 2006

With a degree in Business and a double major in Marketing and Advertising, Sampson Gortner understands the value of powerful advertising tools and the results they generate. We created Sampson’s first vehicle advertising program a few years ago and it was a big success. So successful that Sampson has expanded his real estate business and once again turned to us to execute his mobile advertising campaign. This vehicle is unique because it not only advertises for Sampson, it also advertises for his clients. This is a new twist in real estate marketing, and in a competitive marketplace makes Sampson stand out from the crowd. If you need to stand out in your crowded marketplace, we may be able to help. I’m always available via email and phone during the daytime hours. Thanks, Sampson!