Stockton Christian Fellowship SCF Promotional Water Bottle labels

By Typestries, August 29, 2006

Ray had a really great idea the other day to promote his Stockton Christian Fellowship at freshman move in. Ray and a team of volunteer students are on hand today and tomorrow at Stockton helping students move their belongings into their rooms. Arriving at College on the first day is stressful enough without having to carry everyting up the stairs into your dorm. The help carry and distribute water to the thirsty masses of students. The water bottles they give away sport custom labels (waterproof, printed in house) that promote the SCF and an upconing event. I’m blogging it because it’s a really great, low cost way to promote any event or organization. We’re even thinking about ways in which we could use the concept for our own promotion. If you’re planning on holding or attending an event where water is available, consider this low cost promotional program.

The printed labels applied to the bottles.

That’s a lot of water to give away!