Radio Station Studio Dimensional logo signs and photo backdrops

By Typestries, April 11, 2006

Radio stations love to have guests in studio. And, even more they love to toot their own horns with photos of guests in studio. Our custom dimensional logos and photo backdrops lend a level of professionalism to any studio environment and the photographs of guests in studio.

At WMCX, Monmouth University’s student radio, students are immersed in a truly professional program. Monmouth students are exposed to some of the most sophisticated studios in the college radio world, which better prepares them for the “real” radio world after graduation! The have full automation, an interview studio, off air production studios and a full featured training classroom, all with networked automation systems (and yes, they do have CD’s-even though most commercial stations receive music via electronic download-the cd’s are ripped into the audio vault).

Pictured are a few signs that we have made and installed in the studios at the Plangere building over the years. I never had a chance to photograph these until a visit to campus the other day.

If you are looking for interior logos for your studio or reception areas, give us a call.