Installing Gold Leaf Letters on a really cold windy day 300 feet from Barneagat Bay

By Typestries, December 6, 2006

Here’s a Job Anthony and I went out to install yesterday at the Museum of New Jersey Maritime History in Beach Haven. It required roof access on the elevation facing the bay with our typical winter west winds. Yesterday wasn’t as bad as monday when we went to do the job–that day it was so windy I had to hold on to the deck above to keep from being blown off. It was a bit colder yesterday, but the winds were only 15 knots, not the 25 we had on Monday! Hey-at least the wind was blowing in the right direction to help hold the pattern up against the wall. The job turned out great—you’re looking at 23 karat gold leaf letters “pin mounted” to the wall. I’m really excited too as we’re getting ready to start the interior museum graphics, displays and lettering as well. We really enjoy creating museum, interpretive and exhibit graphics—maybe it’s my science background. The marriage of information, data and beautifully executed graphics and displays gets me going! Hey, how many people can say they’ve read The Visual Display of Quantitative Information?