How we make and install Lettering for a box truck for Academy Security

By Typestries, October 16, 2006

A lot of people ask “Wow-How Do You Do That?” Well, here’s a little snippet of how we produce, prepare and install mobile advertising graphics on a typical box truck. We’re using 3M Controltac vinyl on this job, that’s been printed and cut via our solvent ink vinyl printer and vinyl plotter with optical recognition eye to register the printed graphics.

Here’s a shot of the printed, laminated and cut graphics on the table ready to be application taped. We apply the tape to the graphics so that all of the letters can be transferred easily and cleanly to the vehicle.

here we are applying all of the traditional cut vinyl sub copy. We’re using Oracal 851 high performance cast vinyl. We really like this product and the way it handles.

Here, the large graphics are being applied. We’re using a center hinge method and applying the graphics dry. People often think vinyl should be applied wet (think windex), but truthfully vinyl is designed to be applied dry. There are certain materials where a wet application will help and other materials and circumstances where a wet application will actually ruin the material.

The completed Academy Security vehicle advertising project. Thanks Joe and December, for this and all of your previous orders.
Oh, And, I left the big box of business cards that we made with the logo and a few freebies on the wilderness lodge table on your front porch on Sunday.