How about some neon with your carved gold leaf sign?

By Typestries, August 15, 2006

The sign for Voodoo Steakhouse (Ship Bottom, NJ) was one of the most materially diverse projects we have completed to date. The architecture of the building called for a substantial structure to support the sign. We designed the support structure, had it approved by our engineer and fabricated 2, 3 and four inch square and angle aluminum tubing, which was bolted to the roof and knee wall structural members. We still had the faces and all of the letters to make as well as the reverse lit halo neon and the front lit neon outlines. The backing panels are alumalite, which was chosen for its durability, rigidity and compatibility with the neon requirements. The lettering is SignfoamIII HDU, which was reverse cut to fit over the neon that makes the halo effects. The steer head is also SignfoamIII HDU which was shaped by hand to give it the proper look and feel. All of the parts for this sign were cut on our Gerber Sabre router. We knew the big issue we would face would be to have so many parts from so many materials fit together properly. It went together like a breeze! The neon portion of this job was a challenge. We supplied our neon glass bender with full size patterns to design from. He returned a mix of american and italian glass and only had to remake two letters due to breakage. One because I’m a fool and one because of a good ol american accident. To connect everything together we opted to use the more expensive and safer Neon Power Pro powerflex cables. We had to custom order these special cables but they made us feel much more comfortable with a neon installation that’s only 100 yards from the ocean. Thanks to the Christian, Sharon and the entire VonGorski family for allowing Typestries Sign & Design to complete this wonderful project.