New sign and logo design in Manahawkin Ocean County for regional car wash brand

By Typestries, May 24, 2016

Magic Wash Car Wash received a new logo design in the Manahawkin location. Typestries then used the new small business branding we created for a double sided backlit sign. Serving LBI, all of Long Beach Island area, Manahawkin Magic Wash needed new signs and banners in Manahawkin and for their other Ocean County locations. We have successfully deployed the new brand on signs and banners in Warertown, Lacey and Pemberton, NJ. Magic Wash owners immediately reported a noticeable uptick in impulse car wash buys from the first day their new signs and banners were installed in Manahawkin and Waretown Ocean County locations. Next up, we will wrap a trailer for their two Ocean locations. The Burlington County location is also slated to receive a van wrap and box truck wrap to be parked in the parking lot of the business to attract more car wash sales. Parking a wrapped box truck, u-haul, or enclosed trailer in front of your business is an excellent way to attract new clients, circumvent tough sign codes, and promote special offers and seasonal sales. The cost of a vehicle wrap in NJ varies, is typically less than a large permanent sign, and is certainly better than having a small sign, due to restrictive sign codes that many New Jersey municipalities have in force today.


Backlit sign in Manahawkin, NJ near LBI for carwash with digital print translucent sign faces