Professionally designed logos elevate your business image for new and established businesses in NJ

By Typestries, October 25, 2006

This blog post is designed to demonstrate the logo design process that we go through with our clients. The bottom line is that a professionally designed logo is absolutely the best investment you can make in the “foundation” of your business. It’s the one thing that all of your promotion builds upon—your business cards, invoices, web site design, newspaper advertising, direct mail, vehicle advertising, and job site signs to name a few. A professionally designed logo can give any business, new or old, an established feel and look that conveys professionalism and pride. And when the business uses the professional logo consistently across all elements of promotion, it’s even more effective.

To demonstrate this process, R. Quelch and sons is a good case study. Rick has started a new business in a completely new field for him. As such, it’s important that his new logo conveys an professional appearance and implies an established business. His prospective clients want to deal with an experienced contractor—and although Rick is experienced—he’s the only one to build a log home that I know in this area—his business is relatively new.

The illustration below gives you an idea of the design process. From the initial client interview, we develop one to three concept sketches (one is shown here). From there a refinement process happens, sometimes quickly, sometimes over time. With a few tweaks, we were almost there.

Here’s a shot of the logo executed on the trailer the client uses at jobsites.

Here’s the client’s work van.

And we’re working on developing business cards, job site signs and a few other promotional pieces with the logo as well.