Update to the WOXY.com decals: Woxy.com is back on the air!

By Typestries, October 18, 2006

Here’s a little update on the WOXY decals we made up. The awesome news is that woxy.com is up and broadcasting again. Lot’s of live lounge acts, too! And the new owners (lala.com) have a really neat service. I’ve already listed a bunch of CD’s for trade and received my first traded disc today.

For the decals, we had over 250 emails for the decals. Since I funded this effort on my own, I had to draw the line just over 100 or so. So, If for some reason you did not receive a woxy decal I’m sorry. I had someone ask to send me money to make some, but regretfully I need to decline. If it’s going to be a money making thing than woxy deserves the financial gain to keep such a great product coming to all listeners. Plus I’m not about to reproduce their artwork for a financial gain without their permission. So, please don’t send me any money for decals….

thanks for all of the great comments and emails. Let’s all spread the word about the wonderful music experience woxy.com provides.